Best Nikon Camera For Beginners: Don’t Buy That New SLR Camera – Not Until You Have Read This!

So you have embraced the world of digital photography and now searching for the best Nikon camera for beginners. This could be one of the best moves you have ever made especially if you want to get serious in creating stunning shots, after all using a digital SLR camera has lots of perks; they are designed for versatility, speed and excellent quality images even in poor lighting conditions.Well, I would say that choosing Nikon among other camera brands out there is not surprising at all; this giant has a track record of amazing digital photography innovations for decades.But then, this fact could be both a pro and a con when buying your first SLR digital camera…the pros are pretty obvious of course….the cons – if you get to choose between lots of high quality cameras with great features and specs, it could be really confusing, not to mention, intimidating particularly for first time users.

So how would you choose among the Nikon digital SLR camera models that are available in the market nowadays? How could you keep yourself from wasting huge amount of cash (these cameras doesn’t come cheap!), just to realize in the end that you have made a bad choice?!Important Facts That You Should Know Before Getting A New Nikon CameraWhile any Nikon digital SLR is reasonably priced, they don’t come cheap. So it is best to look into DSLRs that’s according to your experience level. Since you’re a beginner in digital photography and I assume in using a SLR camera, then it will be wise to look into entry level cameras that Nikon has to offer.Entry level cameras allow you to enjoy digital photography without any hint of intimidation….very minimal if there’s any. Just like your point and shoot camera, DSLRs are intuitive. You can still find lots of auto modes; they are user friendly and lightweight.Nikon D3100 and D5100 are both great choices for beginners like you…but if you compare their prices and features, you’ll see that with just a few more bucks, you’ll have a better deal with the Nikon D5100, that’s why it has recently become one of the top choices.

It also comes with a vari-angle swivel LCD, which is not just great for capturing hard to shoot subjects, but is also great for effortless video shooting. You’ll never miss your point and shoot camera since D5100 includes cool image effects that you’ve come to love on your compact camera.So what’s the best Nikon camera for beginners?The best thing about Nikon digital SLR camera models is that you are given great choices…just like the two models that I have mentioned above….but in the end it all goes down to your photography needs, the price you’re willing to pay for a high quality SLR camera and how serious you intend to be in digital photography.


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